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Mark Your Calendars: Architecture and the City Month is On

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[664 House via Joe Fletcher Photography]

The ninth annual San Francisco Architecture and the City month has begun, and there's a slew of events catered to lovers of all things architecture. There's behind the scenes tours, design conversations, films and other events, including the very popular San Francisco Living: Home Tours weekend that takes place September 15-16. The tour gives tour goers an inside look at ten distinctive residential projects in SF and a chance to mingle with the design teams who built/remodeled them or just pester them with your questions.
The year marks the tenth anniversary of the San Francisco Living: Home Tours. Participating architects include: Blue Truck Studio, David Baker + Partners Architects, Fougeron Architecture, Gary Gee Architects, Huang Iboshi Architecture and John Maniscalco Architecture, John Lum Architecture, SFOSL, Three Legged Pig Design, YamaMar Design, and Zack | de Vito Architecture and Construction. The tour's spread out over two days and you can buy a day or weekend pass.

We'll definitely be checking out the Behind the Scenes Tours that visit transformative adaptive reuse projects, and an AIA Member tour of the new Bayview Public Library.

There's also several Walking Tours we're digging, but if we could only choose just one we'd tag along for Lisa Gelfand of Gelfand Partners' tour of the Tenderloin, with firsthand views of affordable single room occupant hotels and the recently completed adaptive re-use of the historic Central YMCA.

For more information, including the Films and Lectures schedule, check out the architecture and the City website.