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Russian Hill is Home to One of San Francisco's Smallest Condos

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While the jury's still out on how to measure square footage (do you include closets? Bathrooms? Hallways? Stairs?), we can still all agree that this junior one bedroom condo on Russian Hill is very, very, very tiny. The listing says it's 397 sq. ft. The kitchen that's being described as "cozy" has a mini fridge and the bedroom can only fit what looks like a full mattress frame and a very small side table. That said, it does have beautiful hardwood flooring, a working fireplace, and a nice storage setup. You also can't beat the great location. This would be a perfect fit for a single person who enjoys a clutter-free lifestyle. Monthly HOA dues are $283 and there's no mention of parking. Asking price? $449,000.
· 2130 Leavenworth, #2 [Redfin]