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DPW Sets Sights on Major Streetscape Improvements

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Map of streetscape improvement plan locations [Photo: DPW]

The Department of Public Works received money from the Road Repaving & Street Safety Bond for streetscape improvements, and has just released their plans. The $248 million bond was approved by voters back in 2011, and the money will be used to repave streets, repair deteriorating bridges, overpasses and stairways, and make traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle and safety improvements.

Repairs and repaving projects are planned for 2,300 blocks over the next three years, covering most parts of the city (Hunter's Point and the areas west of Twin Peaks north of Ocean Ave being the exceptions). 1,700 curb ramps are being designed and constructed, with locations that residents with disabilities have identified lacking getting top priority. The plan will also repair deteriorating City-owned bridges, overpasses and staircases throughout the city, and make streetscape improvements on certain major thoroughfares like Great Highway, Polk Street, Irving and Taraval, improvements at Fell and Oak, Castro at 17th Street, and along Palou Street. DPW has a bunch of high-res maps that mark all the planned projects.
· Department of Public Works Road Repaving & Street Safety Bond [DPW]