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Opulence Galore for Presidio Heights Manse

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Another gorgeous remodel has hit the market from our dear friend Butch Haze at Teed-Haze. This time it's a 4-bed, 4-bath, 3,500 sq. ft. single-family home in Presidio Heights at 3209 Jackson. Asking price? $4,250,000. From the foyer to the backyard, the place is decked out and glossed over with all the top notch and fanciest finishes around, making it a pretty opulent place to call home. Like most homes built for entertaining, this abode's kitchen is ideally located in the center of the house and features concrete floors and a lot of stainless steel, a must for any contemporary kitchen. Keeping with the theme of entertaining, there's also a den, wet bar and full bath on the same level. Upstairs are the bedrooms, and the master suite has peek-a-boo views of the Golden Gate Bridge. If the 'rents come to visit you can conveniently house them on the lower level, which has an entertainment area and a guest bedroom with its own full bathroom. Buyers, do invite us to the housewarming party.

· 3209 Jackson [Teed-Haze]