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Today Supervisors Tackle Historic Homes, Dogs, and Neighbor Fence Disputes

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[Fence Drama at 1100 Lombard. Photo: Bing Maps]

MILLS ACT - The Mills Act provides for an up to 50% reduction in property taxes in exchange for the rehabilitation, preservation, and long-term maintenance of historic buildings. In San Francisco, there have been a few Mills Act contracts (compare that to LA and San Diego, which each have hundreds), mostly due to the costly application. Sup. Weiner introduced legislation that would streamline the process and reduce fees for applications, and focus the program on smaller buildings like single family homes and apartment buildings. [SF Gov]

DOGS ON LEASH - Three Supervisors have sponsored legislation that would exempt dogs on a leash from the existing ordinance against fastening an animal to a lamp post, hydrant, or growing tree. We're not even kidding. [SF Gov]

1100 LOMBARD - The Supes will also hear the appeal of exemption from environmental review for 1100 Lombard Street. The neighbor at the WIllis Polk-designed Fanny Osborn-Stevenson house doesn't a 10-foot high fence built on their mutual property line. The Planning Department gave the project an exemption and permits have been issued by the Buildings Department, but Sperling's consultants are saying that 1100 Lombard was once part of Fanny's house and was split off at a later date, so it requires a CEQA evaluation because the building is a potential historic resource. [SF Gov]

San Francisco City Hall

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