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San Francisco: the Ultimate Seller's Market?

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We've told tales of homes selling quickly and for over-asking every day, but now there's more data to support that the local market is, indeed, cray cray a boon for sellers. In the latest Home Seller Index by a firm called Spot Property, San Francisco comes out on top as being the best market for home sellers, due to some fast moving home sales. The index, "uses a weighted measurement based on a city's median days on market and the percentage of change for median price per square foot," which in theory should control for San Francisco's historically high prices. Currently homes are, on average, only on the market for 16 days, but a year ago that number was 63. Six of the top ten cities are in California, with neighboring Oakland coming in at #3 and San Jose at #5. If you're looking to buy, there's no time to dawdle.
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