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Planning Department Not a Fan of 2833-35 Fillmore Project

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Up before the Planning Commission today is a staff-initiated Discretionary Review for 2833-2835 Fillmore Street, the demo of a 1956 two-story building with two 2-bedroom rental units. The project will construct a new building with two studio units and a partially covered roof deck that would extend over the property line and serve as open space for both the new building and the existing building at neighboring 2300 Vallejo Street (both the lots happen to owned by the same person, but were split back in 1996). In 2009, a proposed project was supposed to merge the two lots and build a one-story, one-unit house with a garage as an addition to the building at 2300 Vallejo. That project changed to the two-unit version designed by Gast Architects, but this one will also create a garage accessible to both buildings.

Despite the nine letters of support from neighbors (albeit identical form letters), planning staff is recommending disapproval of the project, saying that it demolishes perfectly fine existing rent-controlled housing, won't add more housing stock, and one of the new units won't even have enough light exposure. The project sponsor's lawyer claims the units will be BMR, so it won't matter that there's a loss of rent-control. The renderings for the new building look pretty slick, so it'll be up to the Commission to make the final call.
· Discretionary Review Analysis 2833-2835 Fillmore Street/2300 Vallejo Street [SF Planning]