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Contemporary Sausalito Stunner Lands on the Market

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Over in Sausalito, where the weather is warmer and the houses are bigger, there's a particularly stunning abode if you're a fan of the whole "let's get our house featured in Dwell magazine" look. It's a 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 2,519 sq. ft. single-family home asking $2,299,000. One of the obvious highlights is a 18' Nanawall, which is a type of wall that folds like an accordion to remove the barrier between indoor and outdoor. When this property's Nanwall is completely open, the total square footage of the indoor/outdoor living room is a healthy 1,400 sq. ft., so get your party hat on because this house was built for entertaining. Other highlights include its sustainable features, like solar panels, a living roof and radiant heating. We'd also be doing you a disservice if we didn't mention that the 3-level home has views of Angel Island and water views from Belvedere to Alcatraz. Care to take a look for yourself? There's an open house this weekend from 1pm to 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.
· 107 Prospect, Sausalito [Marin Modern]