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Supes Crack Down on Overnight Trailer/Camper Parking

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Campers and trucks parked along Lincoln Way near Golden Gate Park

Today the Board of Supervisors will hear a proposed amendment to the San Francisco Transportation Code that would prohibit overnight parking for campers and trailers. The new rules aim to reduce the amount of people sleeping in their campers and the trash and vandalism that usually comes with them. Some homeless advocates are arguing that the regulations will negative effects on the homeless population, so the City is exploring efforts to encourage people living in vehicles to transition to housing. The rules won't be applied to the whole city but rather on a street-by-street basis with the biggest problems, so oversized vehicles will continue to be allowed to park on some streets. Current residents will also be able to get permits to park their campers or trailers in their own neighborhood, or get permits for guests. Vehicles in violation will get a notification (including a list of off-street lots that allow oversize vehicles), then tickets, and eventually towing. The Land Use and Economic Development Committee voted 3-0 last week to send the legislation to the full board.

The areas with the most problems with overnight trailer parking are along Golden Gate Park and Great Highway in District 4, and along the bay in District 10, so both Supervisors Chu and Cohen have co-sponsored the legislation. SFMTA will hold public hearings over the next six months to apply the regulations to several problem areas, including Great Highway between Lincoln and Sloat, both sides of Golden Gate Park on Lincoln and Fulton between Great Highway and Stanyan, 16th and 17th Streets between Harrison and Potrero, parts of John Muir Drive and Lake Merced Boulevard, most of the Sunset around 36th and 37th Avenues, Clarendon between Twin Peaks and Laguna Honda, Innes between Arelious and Ingalls, and Geneva between Moscow and Brookdale.
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