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PUC Rescues Lake Merced Boathouse

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Plans for interior renovation of the Lake Merced Boathouse [Photo: SF Rec and Park]

Two years ago, Rec and Park announced its Request for Proposals for a "qualified" tenant to operate the Lake Merced Boathouse, and not a single application was submitted. The tide has changed though, as the city's Public Utilities Commission, which owns all of the land and water around Lake Merced, has created a $2 million renovation plan to restore the boathouse before next summer. The new boathouse will have changing rooms, a community room for rent, a kitchen and a lobby that will highlight the lake's history, all in an effort to reactivate the lake as a community resource. Some users wish there would be more space for the rowers and fishermen who use the lake, but PUC is focusing on changing the boathouse from an eyesore (so much of one that apparently the PGA would use fences to hide it from view during golf tournaments at Harding Park) that's been closed since 2003. Rec and Park, which is responsible for recreation on the lake, will oversee the renovations.
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Lake Merced

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