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Supervisor Mar Wondering What's Happening at the Alexandria Theater

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New rendering for Alexandria Theater development project [Photo: Richmond SF Blog]

The long-shuttered Alexandria Theater was on the boards back in 2011 for a renovation and new development project, but lately things have been pretty quiet. In the meantime, the site remains a magnet for break-ins and vandalism. A proposal to convert the 1923 Reid Brothers theater into a 221 seat theater and commercial retail space in the theater building, with a mixed use development on the back parking lot, has been delayed as the development team changed the styling for the new building (old design here). Richmond district Supervisor Mar has started following up on the development project, and will be hosting a community meeting to discuss the current and future state of the property. His office provided a new rendering and will host a neighborhood meeting on Friday, October 12, to discuss efforts by the Department of Public Works to keep the site clean in the short-term, and a presentation by the architect and the city planners on the development designs.
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