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Brand Spankin' New in Noe Valley Asking $4.25M

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San Francisco is a city known for its Victorian charm, so it's a real rarity to buy a home that's never been lived in in this town. Meet 4529 25th Street in Noe Valley. Designed by architect John Maniscalco and built by Design Line Construction just this year and never been occupied, the 4-bed, 5-bath home oozes sleek and sexy contemporary design. Asking price? A cool $4,250,000. Broker babble tells us that the home's for a "buyer who is interested in acquiring a home showcasing the latest in technology, materials, and design." We're going to have to agree. We're especially loving the bonus room on the lower level that's currently staged as a pingpong room. And the backyard is, of course, to die for (if you're a contemporary landscaping enthusiast). Tell us, dear readers, will this house sell for asking?
· 4529 25th Street [Redfin]