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Angry Neighbors at Today's Planning Commission

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2807 Clay and one of its DR requesting neighbors [Photo: Google Maps]

PAC HEIGHTS - The Discretionary Review neighbor rumble in Pac Heights that we reported on last week is back up before the Planning Commission this week. As you recall, the proposed project at 2807 Clay will extend the rear and add a one-story set-back vertical addition to an existing two-story Victorian, but the neighbors think the addition is too large and too mod. The kicker is the neighbors who filed the DR have a building that's much bigger than the addition. The DR was continued last week "in order to allow for a settlement." We presume that didn't work out. [SF Planning; Curbed SF]

OCEAN AVE - A restaurant called Champa Garden is trying to move into a vacant storefront on Ocean Ave, but a neighbor has filed for DR over concerns about parking, traffic, pedestrian conflict (come again?), and trash, plus a liquor license near a residential neighborhood will probably invite mayhem. The space is vacant but was previously occupied by a medical marijuana growing facility. Planning staff has called shenanigans on the complaints since a restaurant makes noise and trash and has patrons after all, and is recommending approval of the project. [SF Planning]