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Moscone Center Looking to Add Some Square Footage

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With the Moscone Convention Center more popular than ever, it's looking to add more than 200,000 square feet of underground and aboveground convention and meeting space. It's part of a 25-year master plan to expand the Moscone Convention Center because "we can't sit back and let other cities around the world take our business away," said the President and CEO of the SF Travel Association. The Moscone Center is ranked 25th in size for convention facilitates, but it generates the most cash per square foot. It's also too small to accommodate all the clients who'd like to hold events there, which has lost the convention center $2B in business because of the limitation. The expansion project will run $500M and be funded mostly from hotels through the SF Tourism Improvement District. The city may also pick up a portion of the tab. The expansion is looking to be completed just after the proposed waterfront arena for the Warriors.
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