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Gun Club on Lake Merced Isn't Going Anywhere

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The Pacific Rod & Gun Club has avoided eviction [Photo: Google Maps]

The 14-acre Pacific Rod & Gun Club located on the shores of Lake Merced is no longer facing eviction, as the deadline to vacate has been suspended "indefinitely." The skeet and trap shooting club has been operating on a city lease for 78 years, but failed to reach a new lease agreement when the Public Utilities Commission required an estimated $10M clean up the site after decades of pollution by the club's ammunition. The original eviction date of August 15 was delayed when the club met PUC's demands for increased liability insurance, and is now suspended indefinitely while both sides negotiate over who will pay for the lead contamination clean up. In the meantime, the club is open for business, and hopeful they can get a longer-term lease instead of the month-to-month lease they've been on for the past few decades.
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