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Are You Participating in Friday's (PARK)ing Day Extravaganza? Let Us Know!

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Started in 2005 in San Francisco as an attempt to temporarily turn a parking space into a public park, PARK(ing) Day is now an annual global event where residents, business and causes collaborative to temporary transform metered parking spaces into temporary (it's a day only) public places. Last year we photographed as many of the locations as possible. There were hair stylists, Djs, sushi making and even a yoga studio. The annual event is coming up this Friday, and you can see where participating parking spaces are on the official map on the PARK(ing) Day website. If you haven't added your spot, do it now. If you don't want to for some reason, email us or leave a comment so we can try to swing by and photograph your handy work. We'll be posting a gallery of this year's PARK(ing) Day spaces Friday afternoon.
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