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What's Happening at 1368 Utah?

1368 Utah was the site of a major fire in December [Photo: Google Maps]

From the Curbed inbox:

Any updates on what is going on with 1368 Utah St.? There was a fire there last December, I never saw any reports on the outcome of investigations on cause of fire. I'd love to know if there are any prospects for renovations or demolition, given the building was a write-off at the time of the fire.A three-alarm fire in December 2011 caused over $1 million in damage to the 2-unit building at 1328 Utah, and some small scale damage to the neighboring building. We weren't able to dig up any info on what caused the fire, but looks like the owners were quick to get things fixed up. By March, permits were filed to restore the building to it's pre-fire condition, including wall and roof structure, interiors, and rear decks and stairs. In May, they also filed for permits to add another unit as a rear addition, so the building is now officially three units.