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Daycare Rumbles at BOS

Tomorrow the Board of Supervisors will hear an appeal of the Conditional Use Authorization 175 Junipero Serra Boulevard, which aims to allow a private daycare called Alpha Kids Academy at the Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist within a residential zoning area. The site is in the small residential area known as Balboa Terrace that was built in the 1920s near the south edge of St. Francis Wood, bound by Junipero Serra Boulevard, Monterey, Aptos, and Ocean Avenues. Neighbors aren't happy that the for-profit school is going to cause a lot more traffic and parking issues, and say the Balboa Terrace Homeowners Association by-laws that limit buildings to residential and prohibit businesses. The Supes will vote whether or not to uphold the Conditional Use approval. [SF Gov/Photo: SF Planning]