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What's Up With the Vacant Property at 18th and De Haro?

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The buildings at the corner of 18th and De Haro Streets have been vacant for years [Photo: Bing Maps]

From the Curbed inbox:

I'm wondering if you can tell me anything about a boarded up property around the corner from me. The property is at the corner of 18th street and De Haro. The front building looks like a 50's style apartment building, but has been boarded up for at least 10 years, and it's really getting quite derelict. Seems like it's heading for demolition, but there's no indication of anything happening. The property our reader is talking about actually has five separate single-family and multi-family units on it. Constructed in 1954, the site seems to have been vacant since the mid-90s. Building inspection complaints from 1994 show that a roof replacement job wasn't finished, and there was major water damage, possible exposed asbestos, and electrical and phone shortages. There were some permits in the next few years for interior renovations of the various buildings, but they were either cancelled or not completed. Starting in 2005, DBI began doing repeated inspections of the property after receiving complaints that it was vacant, but every time the owner didn't show. We're sure the recent inspections were part of the city's attempt to crack down on vacant buildings. Unfortunately it looks like the owner would rather pay the vacant building fine, since there are no projects on the boards for the site.
· 580 De Haro Historic Survey Form [SF Planning]
· Department of Building Inspection Permits and Complaints [DBI]