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Two Bedroom Fixer-Upper in Noe Valley Sells for Completely Reasonable $1.3M

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This home in Noe Valley is in serious need of a pretty extensive remodel. "Possible EXPANSION OPPORTUNITY" reads the listing. The 2-bed, 1-bath single-family home was first listed in February of this year for $899,000. It sold yesterday for $1,300,000, or $401,000 over asking. Thankfully a rusted wheelbarrow is already waiting for you in the backyard to get the demolition process started. "Hardwood floors generally in good condition; two front rooms have original detailing. Bath and kitchen need replacing," said Randa Fushimi, a Redfin Field Agent who visited the property. Congats to the seller and we can't wait to see what the buyer does with the place.
· 4267 24th Street [Redfin]