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Dramarama Continues at Lafayette Park

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Lafayette Park renovations conceptual plan [Photo: SF Rec & Parks]

From the Curbed inbox:

I drive by Lafayette Park in Pac Heights every weekday morning and have noticed this past week that workers are on site and that earth movers are moving; but I can't find any info about what's happening/has happened with Shannon Gallagher's complaint. Any updates? Was the complaint withdrawn? Some sort of "agreement" between Ms. Gallagher and her kind-hearted neighbors?Oh, the drama of Lafayette Park. If you recall, the appeal was filed by a neighboring attorney and delayed the overwhelmingly-supported renovation plans. The appeal was actually heard on August 22, with the Board of Appeals unanimously voting to deny the appeal and uphold the permit. Things should be moving along swimmingly, right? The appellant had 10 days to request a rehearing, during which time the permit remained on suspension. Hold your shock and surprise - she filed a request for a rehearing of her appeal, which won't be heard until September 19. And now, because no one likes to party alone, another appellant has stepped up filed a second appeal, this time over Rec and Park's maintenance complex (cargo container pad and trellis enclosure). This appeal won't be heard until October 24, so things have been stalled considerably. According to the Rec and Park blog, they haven't been able to perform critical concrete work during the contract's dry-weather window, so the delays could be major.

It's not all lost though, for as our reader saw, some work is underway. Renovations on the northeast quadrant of the park have started, and at the summit by removing asphalt paths and trees, grading of the new paths, construction of seat walls in the area of the picnic, and installation of subsurface drainage and irrigation lines across the site. Slowly but surely folks.
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