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Pac Heights Neighbors Rumble Over Addition to Victorian

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Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hear a Discretionary Review Request from neighbors of 2807 Clay Street. The proposed project will extend the rear and add a one-story set-back vertical addition to an existing two-story Victorian built in 1885. Neighbors are not happy about it, saying that the addition is too large (ironic since it'll be smaller than most of the neighboring buildings, like one DR requester's next door that's a story taller and nearly twice as deep) and the design doesn't mesh with the historic character of the building. Planning staff does not agree, saying that not only does the project meet all the zoning requirements, it's consistent with neighborhood character, the vertical addition is substantially set back from the front façade (which will be preserved), the building will shorter in height and depth than the adjacent building to the west and shorter in height than the buildings to the east. In fact, the project would have been administratively approved by staff, meaning no Commission hearing at all, if it weren't for the Discretionary Review request. So, yeah, they're recommending not to take the DR and move on with the approval.
· Discretionary Review for 2807 Clay Street [SF Planning (PDF alert!)]