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Supervisor Chu Questions the Mayor About Taraval Street

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Supervisor Chu hopes to spread the commerce at 19th and Taraval Streets further west along Taraval [Photo: Librarygroover]

At today's Board of Supervisor chat with Mayor Lee, Supervisor Carmen Chu submitted the only question for discussion. Back in March the Mayor participated in a merchants walk along Taraval so he could see the vacant storefronts first hand. The Supervisor wants to know what specific physical improvements the Mayor's Office has completed in the last six months on Taraval between 46th Avenue and the Great Highway, and what outreach efforts have they took to property owners and prospective businesses on Taraval between 31st and 33rd Avenues to attract and encourage new businesses. Today's short question period comes on the heels of some supervisors questioning the value of the voter-mandated Q&A sessions. Supervisor Kim is suggesting it might be time to change the pre-scripted question rules, while Supervisor Avalos saying the sessions are so scripted "it's just deadening," and "a snooze-fest."
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