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Someday, The Alcatraz Ferry May Depart From Fort Mason

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While architects and landscape designers are busy re-imagining Fort Mason Center, the National Park Service is considering it as the new site for the Alcatraz Ferry. There are other sites under consideration (it's all laid out here) along the North Waterfront, but with the ferries slotted in between the existing piers, Lower Fort Mason could be an ideal spot for what the NPS is envisioning as an enhanced visitor experience and a 50-year lease for concessionaires rather then 10-year limit they currently operate under, making long term investment more attractive. Current uses like the Herbst Theater would remain, but some part of the piers would be renovated for a new embarkation and visitor center. With an extension of the F-Line, it's another step in knitting together the waterfront, connecting Crissy Field to the ballpark. The project will be years in the making– the draft Environmental Impact Statement isn't expected until Fall, 2013, and it will be interesting to see what imapact the America's Cup wil have on how we perceive the waterfront. In the gallery, images from the public meetings held this past June.
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Fort Mason

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