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What First Amendment?

"?buried within its legalese is Section 7.08 Subsection D, which should give everyone pause about the exercise of First Amendment rights within The City’s parks." It seems you can't just demonstrate willy-nilly against whatever in the city's parks. According to an editorial today in the SF Examiner, the city code strictly outlines where protesters can congregate in Rec & Parks jurisdictions. Like within the 50-foot perimeter of Dolores Park or the east side of Union Square. No indication as to how long this rule has been on the books, but Scott Wiener introduced legislation last week to remove it as PETA and Westboro Baptists breathe a collective sigh of relief. [SF Examiner/Union Square Protest, 2007 Photo Credit: Eric Broder Van Dyke /]


Union Square Park

Union Square Park, San Francisco, CA 94108 415 781 7880