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What's Happening at Lafayette Park?

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Lafayette Park renovations conceptual plan [Photo: SF Rec & Parks]

From the Curbed tipline:

I was on the bus yesterday as it drove past Lafayette Park in Pacific Heights. It seems to be in the middle of a major renovation. Do you know what's going on? Back in 2008, a ballot measure approved $10 million for Lafayette Park improvements. The site dates back to 1860, but the park was designed with WPA funds and became public in 1936. Nothing has really changed since then except for some upgrades to the recreational areas in the 1980s, like a new playground structure and repaved tennis courts. After a bunch of neighborhood meetings and hearings in 2009 and 2010, the Rec & Park department settled on a conceptual plan that everyone seemed to agree on. The new design includes a central plaza, dedicated dog area, amphitheater, gardener's facility, and a new (really awesome looking) playground structure.

Construction got underway a few months ago, but because this is San Francisco, nothing is ever that simple. A neighbor who lives across the street from the park (and happens to be an attorney) filed an appeal on the approved plan on July 17 that has effectively halted construction and could increase the cost of the renovation by $10,000 a day. She's got a load of issues with the project (wheelchair access! too much concrete! planners are liars!), none of which she felt obligated to convey at all those neighborhoods meetings. The earliest her appeal can be heard is September 12, which means the project will be stalled until then.

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