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The City's Second Most Expensive Home Takes $4M Off its Price

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Was: $58,000,000
Now: $34,000,000
You Save: $24,000,000! 2901 Broadway on Billionaire's Row has been on and off the market since 2006 and has never been in contract. When it first appeared on the MLS, the 8-bed, 7.5-bath Italian Renaissance mansion asked for a completely reasonable $58M. Later the price was knocked down to $55M, then $48M, then $45M, etc. Now here we are with the latest chop of $4M, bringing down the current asking price to $34M. While yes, this home has taken $24M off of its price, it's still the second most expensive home currently for sale in San Francisco. Remember when a tagger marked it as their territory? It comes with everything you'd expect: decrepit outdoor tennis court and a "Curio Room" that used to house the original owner's "extensive oological collection." Readers, what'll it take for this mega house to land a buyer? Any thoughts of how many millions need to be spent on updating the interiors? We've all heard the rumors.
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2901 Broadway

2901 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA