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8 Wash Opponents Get Protest-y

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The Telegraph Hill Dwellers gathered more than 30 people at City Hall yesterday to protest the 8 Washington project and put pressure on the three Supervisors who didn't vote against it in June. The group has gathered 31,000 signatures to place a referendum on the ballot, which will now bring the project back before the Board of Supervisors for a re-vote on the project's height increase from 84 feet to 136 feet. Protestors called out Christina Olague, Eric Mar and Jane Kim to reject the project's height increase, since the development was approved in an 8-3 vote in June and the height increase was subsequently signed into law by Mayor Ed Lee. A recent poll of 400 voters showed that the referendum would pass by 56 percent if on the ballot. The Supervisors will hear the project next week. [SF Examiner/Curbed SF archives]

8 Washington

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