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Wiggle Your Way to a Rental in the Lower Haight

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It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal. This week, we look at the awesome Lower Haight -- when beer, bikes, and hair salons are available in plenty. While usually there's very little availability in the Lower Haight, this week we got lucky and there were several studios or junior one bedrooms available for under $2,000. So it may be a great place to look if you're looking for something central but slightly less crazily priced.

Budget: This "funky studio" on Haight is $1,650 per month. It has painted pine floors and a compact kitchen and bathroom -- we think it's quite cute and looks nice and clean. There's also a shared garden to enjoy the lovely Lower Haight weather. It's on a great block which is away from the bars but still close to corner markets and a neighborhood cafe. [craigslist]

Middle of the Road: This junior one-bedroom offers a lot for $1,800. The apartment itself is light and bright, and the kitchen is where you really get a bang for your buck: a dishwasher AND a disposal. There's laundry in building, which is nice even though there's a 'mat on the corner. It's located on Page Street, which is all kinds of adorable. [craigslist]

Luxury: Looking for a few more bedrooms and to spend several thousand more dollars? Then this 3-bedroom, 3-bath house right by Duboce Park is for you. Sure, it's $9,000, but it's gorgeous and spacious. The kitchen is chef (or caterer) ready with a big island breakfast bar. Parking is available for two cars and laundry is in the house. It has its own backyard and private patio, and allow dogs, so you can be part of the dog park crew just a few steps away. Get ready for garden parties! [craigslist]

· 739 Haight [craigslist]
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· Pierce at Waller [craigslist]