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Save The Puppies!

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Another chapter in the long sorry tale of 8 Washington Street. This time, it's attack mobs. A ballot measure will appear in November 2013 if the BoS doesn't reverse itself on approving an increase in height limits for the project at Washington Street and the Embarcadero. Opponents of the project managed to get many times over the signatures required by positioning the project as a wall of residential towers for millionaires that would obliterate views to and from the waterfront, in what we like to think of as the "Killing Puppies Strategy" of NIMBY activists. How did this all start? The site is currently occupied by a private, walled tennis club on Redevelopment Agency and Ports property. It began with neighbors objecting their decades-old enclave becoming a combination of public park, swim club, retail and residential, and opposition eventually grew into a coalition of mutually back-scratching groups all over town. Shocking. [SFGate/Curbed SF]

8 Washington

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