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Three Weeks Before The America's Cup World Series

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There was a media briefing yesterday at the new America's Cup HQ at Pier 23, and we didn't come away with much about the usual Curbed SF concerns like transit and trash, but there were some highlights. There's finally a map of the America's Cup Village at Marina Green, which although heavily laden with sponsor stuff and the expected VIP/paid enclaves, provides plenty of room for spectators to get close to the action for free. The America's Cup World Series has its final race here August 22-26, and obviously will be most heavily attended on the weekend where much of the crowds will stretch into the eastern end of Crissy Field and around the Aquatic Park. Everyone across the board is looking at this (and the forthcoming Louis Vuitton Cup) as dress rehearsals for the events of 2013. At the Marina, one Jumbotron has survived, there will be a Moet Champagne tent, and Napa Valley will be the "Official Wine Region of the 34th America's Cup." Where reality TV and food intersect, an episode of "Cupcake Wars" is scheduled to be filmed there, and the race will be broadcast by NBC. As for the vast real estate deals related to the race, there was little mention, but officials predicted 5,000,000 people overall for the 55 days of racing in 2013.
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