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Thrill Seekers Take Note: Leasing Out a Portion of its Historic Armory

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Nina Geneson Otis from Metropolitan Properties reached out to us today to break the news that Peter Acworth (owner of and the historic Armory) has decided to lease out the third floor of the building, starting at $2 per square foot per month with over 20,000 square feet available. The website states that one of the many property highlight is its "size, size, size!" There's a shared meal program available as well. Also on the website is the 3rd floor's floorplan, which shows us that there are many, many suites available for lease if your company's not quite ready for 20,000 square feet of's real estate. Ideally the space would be rented out to one tenant, but multiple tenants would be considered with a lease agreement of at least 5,000 square feet.
· Historic SF Armory Leasing Information [Nina Geneson Otis]

The Armory

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