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Two-Faced in Noe Valley

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On the outside, this house built in 1910 looks the part, but the interiors tell a different story. Last sold in February of this year for $775,000, this 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,050 sq. ft. single-family home in Noe Valley underwent a complete interior remodel to bring it up to today's needs. Needs like stripping it of all its original charm to make room for an open floorplan and frosted cabinets in the kitchen. Judging by the photos, it would appear that in lieu of actual closets, the bedrooms have opted to go with brushed metal and frosted glass storage units from IKEA. Property highlights include a swanky but tiny bathroom, and a huge deck that overlooks the backyard. Asking price? $969,000.
· 1422 Douglass [Redfin]