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Inventing the Next Parklet: Urban Prototyping Project Looks for Easily Replicated Public Space Ideas

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The Urban Prototyping: 2012 San Francisco festival just wrapped up its open call for proposals, and selected 18 teams out of 90 applications to complete their designs over the next 2 months. The idea is pretty cool - each of the teams created projects that would "blend the digital and physical to explore new possibilities in public space". The goal is that every project could be replicable cheaply and easily in any city in the world. The whole thing is a global initiative of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA), a San Francisco nonprofit dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture. This year's San Francisco open call entries ranged from glowing crosswalks to portable playgrounds to public urinals that water plants. Over the next two months, each of the teams will start constructing their prototypes, and in October there will be a public street exposition in downtown. Check out the slideshow for the proposals from each of the 18 teams.
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