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49 Florence Takes a Little Off the Top

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Was: $2,650,000
Now: $2,499,500
You Save: $150,500 Dear readers, what'll it take for this prime piece of real estate tail to find a buyer? It's a single-family home within the very exclusive Summit of Russian Hill, a cluster of fancy and expensive homes that stretch from Taylor to Jones and from Broadway to Green. This property's been on the market since February, and we're not entirely sure why it hasn't found a buyer.

49 Florence is a 2-bed, 2.5-bath home that's chopped down its asking price to a completely reasonable $2,499,500, or $1,508 per square. The last time we wrote about it, commenters chimed in with their theories. "WTF were they thinking with that appliance placement in the kitchen?" one reader asked. Another reader concurred, saying that the "kitchen needs to be ripped out and re-done." A poorly designed kitchen layout has never stopped buyers in San Francisco from picking up a piece of property, so what gives?
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