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Valencia NIMBYs Try to Design By Committee

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The existing building at Valencia and Hill Streets, and the proposed new design [Photo: Mission Local]

A neighborhood meeting over the proposed new construction at Valencia and Hill Streets turned into design-by-committee last week, when neighbors complained about the project...even though it meets Planning and zoning requirements. The 5-story, 12-unit project at 1050 Valencia will contain eight 2-bedroom dwelling units and four 1-bedroom dwelling units, 24 bicycle parking spaces and a ground floor restaurant. But the Liberty Hill Neighborhood Association and Valencia Corridor Merchants Association were not happy that the project didn't include car parking, claiming the condo owners will just park on the street (taking away their own parking), and that the building was too tall. Neighbors already tried to appeal the finding that the project didn't need a full EIR, but the Planning Commission told them to forget it.
Unfortunately for opponents, the no-parking part fits nicely with the Planning Departments transit-first policy, and the height meets the 55ft maximum for the area. It's also located on Valencia, which various area plans have identified as ideal for larger density construction. Neighbors were concerned about it dwarfing the nearby historic houses that average 2-3 stories, but the design was already got the Historic Preservation Commission's blessing back in 2010. To be fair, some of the folks at the meeting were in favor of the project, saying dense housing is needed in the area and bike-only parking is perfect for a spot like Valencia. Mission Local has more on the back-and-forth between the project sponsor and the meeting attendees, but we'll have to wait for the project to go before the Planning Commission on September 6.
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