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1800 Van Ness Breaks Ground; 1998 Market Does the Same

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1800 Van Ness (left) and 1998 Market (right) [Photos: Arquitectonica/SF Planning]

VAN NESS - The 98 unit Marlow project at Van Ness and Clay broke ground early this month. The Oyster Development project is designed by Kwan Henmi and calls for an eight-story 94-unit mixed-use building with 95 parking spaces and 4,900 square feet of commercial space, as well as a four-story, 4-unit residential building with 4 parking spaces on Washington. The project is slated to wrap up in February 2014, with pre-sales starting in spring of 2013. [SF Business Times]

UPPER MARKET - Also starting construction is the Arquitectonica-designed project at Market and Buchanan. Demo and clearing of the site wrapped up this month, making way for the mixed?use building with 115 residential units over ground floor commercial and a garage. According to the Business Times, by the end of the year San Francisco will likely have 300 new condos on the market. [SF Business Times]