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Look Down Upon the Masses from Twin Peaks

It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal This week, we climb the hill toward Twin Peaks and look down upon ye citizens of San Francisco below us.

Budget: Sadly, $2,000 is the new $1,000. But while we're sure a few years ago the 1 bedroom apartment would have gone for quit a bit less, it's still quite nice. The apartment has carpet wall-to-wall, if you into that, and has been nicely redone with a modern kitchen and bath. We're not sure if the views are from the apartment, but the listing mentions a sliding glass door to a deck, which could mean breakfast al fresco with the company of fog and/or the skyline. It's not the most attractive building on the block, but it does include laundry on-site, though no pets or parking allowed. [craigslist]

Middle of the Road: For just a smidge more, we prefer this 1 bedroom apartment for $2,100. It's got lovely hardwood floors and views of downtown. There's also a fireplace -- not sure if it's working or not -- which gives the living area a cozy, bookish feel. Everything looks quite nice and taken care of. Parking is included, though it's likely not a problem in the neighborhood, and there's laundry in the building -- no schlepping up and down the hill for you! [craigslist]

Luxury: Hello views! This 2-bedroom flat -- that's right, no shared walls -- has views galore of downtown -- great for impressing guests and feeling like a captain of industry. It's $3,695 per month, and is a beautiful unit -- tons of light, hardwood floors, a working fireplace, and an update kitchen and bath. For our taste, the kitchen looks like it's been shoved in the corner but that can probably be remedied with an island or dining table. The bedroom also looks small, but seems to have lots of closet space. Also in the building: covered parking (for another $195) and laundry. [craigslist]

· 40 Parkridge Dr [craigslist]
· Graystone Terrace at Villa Terrace [craigslist]
· Graystone Terrace #3 [craigslist]