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Ambitious Houseboat Plan Hits Major Snag

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It was in late June that we became aware of Vincent Lackey and his houseboat problem. You see, Lackey wanted to turn his 2-story floating home into a restaurant in time for the America's Cup next year, but the boat got stuck in the mud in India Basin and neighboring residents weren't happy about the eyesore and potential health hazard. At the time, Supervisor Malia Cohen told the Examiner that "the City needs to obtain title before it can seize the vessel to ensure that we are not liable for property damage in a subsequent lawsuit from the property owner." Today we learn that the city's lifted and towed the houseboat to nearby pier 70 where Port officials say it will sit and eventually be destroyed unless they can work something out with Lackey. Lackey isn't going down without a fight, and told the Examiner today that he's "got a dream" and will keep going for it. He plans to somehow move the boat to a pier in Oakland where he can fix it up and create a 3,000-foot dome on the pier to allow concerts. Godspeed.
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