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Construction Imminent at 1600 Market?

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From the Curbed tipline:
Signs suggest that demolition is about to start at 1600 Market. The parking spots directly in front of the building were blocked off as of this weekend, apparently for a trailer, and a construction company has put up the permit signs on the parking meters stating that its blocked off for the next month. At a glance, the permit # appears to match the demolition permit.


traditional massing with masonry and glass squares (but maintains that rounded corner). The building will now be six-stories with 24 BMR units (satisfying the affordable housing requirement of this other Arquitectonica-designed project at Market & Buchanan), 12,100 sf of ground-floor commercial/retail, and no off-street parking. We can't wait for the reader thoughts on this one.
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1600 Market

1600 Market St, San Francisco, CA