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Big Surprise: Not Everyone a Fan of Parklet's Growing Popularity

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Parklets, parking spots that are turned into public parks by private citizens or businesses, is a San Francisco speciality that's not going away any time soon. There are currently 33 parklets you can visit in the city, and 15 more are in the design process. There's also a really long waiting list for folks wanting to get in on the action. Sounds great, right? Turning a parking spot into a public park. Maybe not, says KTVU. The local news station reports that some drivers aren't stoked about the lack of parking in dense areas like the Mission. Some drivers (all who were quoted were not San Francisco residents) said that the city should limit the growth of the program. "In a really busy city, in an urban environment like this I think maybe that if there are too many (parklets) that would cause problems for people trying to find parking," said a woman from Walnut Creek. As of right now, the city has no plans to put a limit on parklets.
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[Photo via Sergio Ruiz]