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It's Back: Cute as a Button (and a Little Bit Claustrophobic) Single-Family Home on Nob Hill Returns to the Market

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It was just under two years ago that 12 Auburn, the charming and tiny 2-bed, 1-bath, single-family home tucked away in an alley on Nob Hill landed on the market with an asking price of $898,000. After several price cuts, it finally sold in May of 2011 for $678,400. The 3-level home (there's a partially finished basement) totals 1,061 square feet, 710 of which are actually finished. As you can see from the exterior image, there's no garage. Parking a must? 1-car parking in a nearby garage is available to lease if you want to shell out $325 a month. This time around the "jewel box" of a home is asking $745,000. Readers, think it'll get asking? Pros: It's cute as a button and we love the idea of living in a single-family home on one of Nob Hill's alleys. Cons: There's no parking and it's really tiny, that second bedroom is probably better fit for a home office or nursery.
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