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Will 8 Washington Affect the Sale of a Condo in Golden Gateway Commons?

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Got a question about what's going up (or coming down) in San Francisco? Inquiries are always welcome at the Ask Curbed SF Inbox.

8 Washington aerial view, annotated [Rendering: 8 Washington]

This query appeared in today's email at Curbed SF HQ:

Sorry for being 100 years late to the party, but a townhouse showed up on SFGate this morning that is in the Golden Gateway Commons. I realized this is that complex right next to the proposed 8 Washington project (which I am in favor of btw). It looks like a great property, but how do you think the massive impending construction next door will affect the sale? Also, I was looking over the plans for 8 Washington and I remembered there being a public park, but not that the park was a partial green roof over commercial space. Can you shed any light on what is going on there? Thanks!!If you ask the opponents of 8 Washington, life as we know it in San Francisco will come to an end and the owners of this unit at 550 Davis Street will be ruined financially. But you're asking Curbed SF, so while many things could affect the sale of this unit, the "massive construction" is a full block away, does not involve demolition, and will not cast shadows on Golden Gateway Commons when finished. Since the listing in question went "pending" yesterday, it seems unlikely that the 8 Washington Bogeyman had much effect here.

Unlike others in the 155-unit complex, this one's had some attractive and discreet updates to the original '80s decor and appears ready to move into. Most critically, it seems to have been priced right, and if you want to be within walking of the Financial District and the Embarcadero, Golden Gateway Commons is a great location. If you work at Google (or go to biz school at Wharton) at Hills Plaza, we can't think of a nicer walk.

Currently, Jackson Street is shut off from the Embarcadero by a private tennis club [Google Streetview]

There may be a touch of irrational exuberance around Golden Gateway Commons these days, since it seems that we'll see 2014 before a shovel hits the ground– if ever. As for the public space at 8 Washington, current plans show a green roof over the health club along the Embarcadero. The long triangle now walled off by the existing tennis club will become a park and playground, plus Jackson Street will be finally be liberated and opened up as pedestrian walkway to the Embarcadero.
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8 Washington

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