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Into Suntanning and Tecate? Bed Down Near Dolores Park

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It's quite clear that the San Francisco rental market is hot, hot, hot right now, so here at Curbed we're going to bring you a bevy of rental properties each week for your perusal This week, we take a look at rentals near the lovely Dolores Park, where you can laze away the days looking at the skyline and enjoying the warmer weather of the Mission microclimate.

To be frank, nothing in the Mission is budget anymore, and the closer to the park you get, the more you'll pay for it. This adorable studio is on 18th and Valencia, in the heart of the action, for $1,995 per month. It's on the top floor with nice, shiny hardwood floors and a good-looking eat-in kitchen. We'd love to see something creative done with the round living area -- we're wondering if you'd need a round bed to go with it. Other features include a walk-in closet and some really nice, non-white paint. No parking and no word on laundry, so you may be schlepping to the laundromat. [craigslist]

Another studio a few blocks south on Valencia is this one for $2,000. We are digging the vintage kitchen, though it may not be everyone's taste. But look at all those cabinets! The apartment itself is pretty basic, but there are some extras in the building, like laundry and a shared yard. There's is even parking available for extra, which is a must for anyone commuting by car. [craigslist]

For those looking for something on the fancier side, we've got this two bedroom on Guerrero and 19th for $4,090. It's completely lovely with built-ins and a fireplace in the living room, which overlooks a lush back garden. The kitchen is large and fully stocked, including a dishwasher and hookups for your very own laundry. Small pets are allowed, so you could be walking your teacup piglet or whatever pet is fashionable now over to Dolores Park in no time. [craigslist]

· 3476 18th St [craigslist]
· Liberty and Valencia [craigslist]
· 718 Guerrero [craigslist]