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Real Estate Hotties Day 2, Round 1: Pearson vs. Fox

Day 2 of Curbed's real estate hotties contest starts with Blake Pearson of Pacific Union going up against Ken Fox of East Bay Modern Real Estate. After the jump, a Q&A from both nominees and your chance to help one of them advance to the next round!

Blake Pearson of Pacific Union International+Christie's International Real Estate

Have you always been in the real estate industry or did you have a different career before entering brokerdom? I was a fashion model for 10 years until I bought a farm in Costa Rica, after a surf trip there. I’ve been in real estate ever since.

What's the best part about selling real estate in San Francisco? Selling luxury property to my friends.

What's the hardest thing about you do? Being outbid on a property you know would be perfect for your client.

What do you like to do when you're not selling real estate? Surfing, playing my guitar, and shooting my bow & arrow.

Ken Fox of East Bay Modern Real Estate

Best advice for buyers/renters? For buyers, patience is a virtue. The Bay Area is full of qualified buyers. Combine that with a shortage of housing, and low mortgage interest rates, and it is a recipe for a competitive market. Unfortunately, for buyers that means, you might be outbid a few times during the process of finding a home.

Funniest anecdote from life as a broker: For some reason, while I'm hosting open houses, some always manages to get away with taking a dump in one of the bathrooms and leaving a surprise for the Realtor to take care of.

What's the best part about selling real estate in San Francisco? It's so interesting to see what people have done inside their homes.

People in your industry are always so good looking. What are some of your secret grooming tips? Try it all until you find your groove.

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