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Real Estate Hotties Day 2, Round 2: Poe vs. Lazier

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Our real estate hotties contest continues this afternoon with two more contestants, Mollie Poe of Pacific Union International + Christie's International Real Estate and Danielle Lazier of SFHotlist and Zephyr Real Estate. Mollie, a seasoned agent, is in the top 1% of realtors in SF, and a consistent top producing agent since 1998. Danielle is a real estate broker here in SF, and is comfortable living her life out loud (and online) having founded one of the earliest real estate blogs, SFHotlist. She can also tell you about the original Masters of the Universe and why Donna Martin almost did NOT graduate from high school. After the jump, Q&A time and your chance to advance one of these contestants to the next round. Voting closes tomorrow at 10AM.

Mollie Poe of Pacific Union International + Christie's International Real Estate

Best advice for buyers/renters? YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORK WITH YOUR MOM'S BEST FRIEND! As a Buyer, you can work with the best Realtor in town, or the worst. Choose someone you can relate to, who has the necessary tools in their belt, and a great local reputation.

Funniest anecdote from life as a broker: Trying to sell Pat Burrell and Brian Wilson a phenomenal modern 2 unit building durning the week of the 2011 World Series. Four stories of awesome contemporary craftsmanship, including a huge roof deck with stellar unobstructed views. Pat was the buyer, Brian was just eyeballing it as a future site for late-night beer-pong. Text-buds with Pat the Bat durning the Series?priceless!

How long have you been in the business? Approximately 15 years. Licensed to sell in 1997 and the rest is history.

People in your industry are always so good looking. What are some of your secret grooming tips? Dark chocolate, always 70%+, and red wine, otherwise what's it all about??? As a younger Realtor (or at least when I was a younger Realtor 15 years ago) I used to worry about my look being too edgy for clients on the conservative side, but I've learned that embracing individualism instills confidence?.and you have to look good to sell good. I tattooed my lucky number on the inside of my right wrist and it's been gangbusters ever since. That said, I do believe in dressing for the occasion. The tattoo pairs well with a silk scarf.

Danielle Lazier of SFHotlist and Zephyr Real Estate

Funniest anecdote from life as a broker: But I have so many, who could choose? I cannot so here are two.

1. I got into the business at the ripe old age of 24 so let's just say my extracurricular activities were sometimes less than "professional." I remember negotiating my first deal while at a "kegger" in the Mission with some friends from college. (The habits from playing rugby die hard.) If hazy memory serves, I had just finished a "boat race" when my phone rang. The listing agent was calling to see if my clients wanted a counter offer. I put down the red Solo cup, called my clients, got them their dream home, and had my first transaction in escrow! BTW, we were not the highest priced offer either. It came down to terms and ours was overall the best.

2. As you can probably tell from my online profiles, I'm pretty into dogs and in particular, Pomeranians. My OP, Original Pom, is Frances, who has a nose for real estate and can sniff out the right home for a buyer. On occasion, clients have requested her presence during a home tour. She's very honest with her feedback. She's good for listings too and will ensure the house is free of ghosts and other potential deal-killers.

What's the best part about selling real estate in San Francisco? It's only 7x7 miles so I don't have to drive too much. Ask a Realtor from the suburbs how many miles they clock each year! But seriously, I adore our lost City of Atlantis with all of her Tales...

What's the most rewarding part about your job? It sounds hokey, but I love to see my clients happy in their home. Experience shows that when you are living in the "right" home, many other things in life begin to fall into place?.love, promotions, babies, life experiences and so forth. It feels really good to know that I helped someone move forward in the direction of their goals and dreams.

What do you like to do when you're not selling real estate? How can I answer that without it sounding like a dating profile? Yes, I like to read, cook, travel, play tennis and enjoy the company of friends. But, what I most like to do when I'm not working is lay low and chill.

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