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The Five Least Expensive Properties For Sale in the Marina

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It's been about 9 months since we visited the Marina to see which cheap abodes were looking for a buyer. Since then, all of the homes we highlighted have sold. Let's see what's available now. Boundaries are from Lombard to the water and from Van Ness Avenue to the Presidio. We'd show you a map, but the realtors seem to think that Cow Hollow and the Marina are one big happy neighborhood, extending the boundaries by showing the Marina going all the way up to Green Street, which is clearly Cow Hollow territory. We don't agree with them so we're not showing you their map. Here now, the five (inventory's low!) least expensive homes currently for sale in the Marina. We should point out that now's not the time to start looking in the Marina if you're not in a position to shell out big bucks. The cheapest home currently for sale is $849K. As always, we didn't include any properties that are currently in contract or are a multi-unit building (where the entire building is for sale). Onwards!

5) 691 Marina Boulevard
Asking price: $3,495,000
Size: 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 4,222-square-feet
Price per square foot: $828
The skinny: The average list price for homes in the Marina is in the $3.5M range, but the average listed price per square foot is actually $1,226. You could adopt a glass is half full kind of attitude and look at the numbers that way. The square footage is cheaper than the neighborhood average! By hundreds of dollars! What a deal. This home's dripping with opulence: Marble bathrooms, intricate fireplaces, the works. It's also been updated for "modern convenience," so yes, there's a microwave. The home was originally asking $3,825,000 when it was first listed in January of this year.

4) 1629 Beach Street
Asking price: $1,700,000
Size: 4-bed, 4-bath, unlisted square footage
Price per square foot: Unavailable
The skinny: This is an upper, two-level TIC with "excellent condo conversion possibility." There are two units in the building, and the other's for sale (see below). Unfortunately there's no mention of HOA dues, but we're sure there are some, as the backyard's rich with foliage (and a giant trampoline!) and what have you. 2-car parking is included.

3) 1627 Beach Street
Asking price: $1,600,000
Size: 3-bed, 3-bath, unlisted square footage
Price per square foot: Unavailable
The skinny: See what we were saying about that trampoline? Amazing, especially considering how close this building is to House of Air, the trampoline emporium. Again, this TIC is part of a 2-unit building (the listing above is the sister unit). No HOA mentioned, but we're sure there is one. 1-car parking is included in the sale.

2) 17 Mallorca Way
Asking price: $995,000
Size: 2-bed, 1.5-bath, 1,226-square-feet
Price per square foot: $812
The skinny: This is a beautiful and light-filled flat. The building was built in 1924 but was completely rebuilt in 2002 with significant structural upgrades, sprinklers, and systems, while preserving the period details. Monthly HOA dues are $215 and there's leased parking with 1/2 block (which is paid through December 2012) and will be $300 per month starting January 2013. The unit is currently renter occupied at $4,550 per month.

1) 1251 Francisco Street
Asking price: $849,000
Size: 2-bed, 1.5-bath, 1,173-square-feet
Price per square foot: $724
The skinny: This TIC was completely remodeled in 2007, but managed to maintain some of the period details throughout. It's in a 17-unit building. Monthly HOA dues are $403 and there's 2-car parking in a private garage that has additional storage.