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Real Estate Hotties Day 1, Round 2: Broadman vs. Vargas

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We've rounded up a collection of the Bay Area's hottest real estate folk, and now that the men have melted the ice in round one, we continue our first distaff pairing: Tracey Broadman of Pacific Union International+Christie's International Real Estate and Jude Vargas of Guarantee Mortgage Corp.. Voting begins right now and continues until 10am tomorrow.

On the left: Tracey Broadman, a licensed broker, who consults on a comprehensive range of services including purchases, sales and investment properties. She maintains an exclusive network of properties and fields potential development opportunities to match the interests of her clients. With years of experience in the top tier of the real estate market, Tracey is thoroughly acquainted with every aspect of due diligence necessary to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction, being an advocate for her clients throughout, and beyond, the process. Creative, proactive and timeless, Tracey will stop at nothing to provide her clients with exceptional properties and unique investments to meet their specific goals and preferences.

Funniest anecdote from life as a broker: Life is a bowl of cherries, but don’t eat them as chances are they are part of the home staging.

Have you always been in the real estate industry or did you have a different career before entering brokerdom? I was in the restaurant world for many years prior. If you can work there, you can work anywhere.

How long have you been in the business? 12 years, 6 of which as a licensed Broker.

What separates you from the others in this competition? I’m training to summit Mt. Everest in 2013 to benefit the Republic of the Congo women. I look at real estate as a relationship business, not transactional, which better serves my clients on every level. And I’m a licensed Broker.

People in your industry are always so good looking. What are some of your secret grooming tips? See “what separates you from the competition” :)

On the right: Jude Vargas. "I have lived in San Francisco for over 10 years and truly love this city. I graduated from University of San Francisco, lived abroad twice, but keep coming back to this beautiful place. I like to keep my life balanced with a good amount of work and fun, and am a passionate about fashion, scuba diving, the outdoors and cooking. I have a soft spot for all things techy and geeky, so living in San Francisco is making it easy for me to meet lots of cool, interesting folks who might one day build the next Facebook."

Best advice for buyers/renters? In silicon valley area many people are working in daytime job while dreaming about starting their own thing. I often meet folks that want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. My advice to them is to make sure to complete their purchase before leaving their job and taking an entrepreneurial route, since banks do not like lending to folks without a steady income. Related to that, I tell clients to always make sure they know what they are comfortable with on a monthly basis, in terms of your mortgage payments.

Have you always been in the real estate industry or did you have a different career before entering brokerdom? I used to work for a pharmaceutical company in Germany before entering this world. I love numbers, so the transition was easy. I’ve also been doing (and still am doing) commercial fashion modeling. That’s a fun way to clear my head from numbers for a little while, but it’s not nearly as rewarding as helping people get the home of their dreams.

What's the best part about selling real estate in San Francisco? The people! I especially love and appreciate helping first time home buyers. Their excitement is contagious. On a higher level, I feel very fortunate to be a part of the home-finding and home-purchasing process. It is rare to help someone with one the largest decision they will make in their life. I get to help with that day-in and day-out!

What do you like to do when you're not selling real estate? I enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer; I live in a loft in the mission and love riding my bicycle around town. I also love cooking and going to the farmers’ market. To stay fit, I practice aerial dancing, yoga and acro yoga.

People in your industry are always so good looking. What are some of your secret grooming tips? Coconut oil for the hair and skin! From a lifestyle perspective, I try to eat organic an surround myself with people I love and make me laugh. The power of laughter is remarkable....something my dad taught me.
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