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Cars, Bikes, Buses & Trains: How Are You Getting There?

Twelve days and counting: The America's Cup World Series completes its tour here in San Francisco August 22-26, and considering the build-up (millions of people, billions of dollars, plus long-term leases) to the 2013 America's Cup, it will be interesting to see what happens during this dress rehearsal in the bay off Marina Green. The nagging question of course, being "will anyone show up?" Millions of spectators showed up in Naples, Italy, but they also have 27% unemployment. The races start on a Wednesday and end on a Sunday, so crowds should be fairly light on the ground until the weekend, and MUNI's doing it's best with extended hours and lines, plus special buses running from designated parking areas far from the Marina. There will be bike valet parking at Marina Green and in a first for San Francisco– bike rental stations. The MUNI flyer is here (.pfd alert) and we'll have more on the bike rentals next week as information becomes available.
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