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It's Tough Out There, But At Least He's Not Asking For Sex

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It's Summer, it's Friday, and it's a half-day here at Curbed SF. See you Monday, and enjoy the weekend.

Just in from a Curbed SF reader, a Craigslist ad for one half of a queen-sized bed for $450 a month on Nob Hill. No couples, no guests, it Includes limited shared use of the kitchen extending to the microwave and a toaster, but apparently offers unlimited snoring. Conveniently located off the kitchen, it would be totally worth it if it were a king-size. The half-bed is available August, and the ad goes further with the good news that in September, they'll be partitioning off part of the living room for $585 a month. Genius.
· $450 *SHARED ROOM*_(All Utilities included*/Great location*/Male preferred) (nob hill) (map) [SF Bay Craiglist]